Brisbane International – Around the world in Brisbane Restaurants: Part 2.

You all went nuts for Part 1 of our Brisbane’s International Post so we’ve followed it up with Part 2 – just for you! Enjoy.

USA and Canada

It’s almost Super Bowl time! Surely that will cheer you up after the come down from your North American adventure? If not, there is plenty of cheese fries, burgers, ribs, wings, and pecan pie to be had in Brisbane. Red Hook, Papa Jacks, Mighty Mighty, Tippler’s Tap and Bourbon St are boast US-inspired menus and if you’re looking for Canada’s national dish of Poutine – Bread and Meat Co. is your place.


Did you head to Mexico over the holidays? If so, we officially HATE you. But we also love you a bit too because you probably know a good taco when you see one. We can bet you’ve already lined up at Guzman y Gomez, Beach Burrito Co. or La Quinta to get your quesadilla craving sorted and if not you better be quick Amigo because those burritos be good.


Whilst some people love My Thai, I swear on my life that Café de Siam is Brisbane’s best Thai restaurant. This family-run restaurant is not much to look at but the food that comes out of that kitchen will take you straight back to Bangkok. They also have the best coconut icecream in the Southern hemisphere. No joke.


Whether you’ve just got back from a trip to Japan or you’re about to head off to ‘shred Niseko’ you can get your hit of delicious Japanese food at sushi trains all over Brisbane. BUT what’s Japanese without Karaoke? Head to Wagaya and combine the two! Alternatively if Dumplings are more your thing Harajuka Gyoza is the best is the biz and have a super fun atmosphere. Arigato us later.


Whilst everyone was  raving about Dumpling Republic…you were eating crispy duck in Shanghai and loving life..but now you’re back at work. Sucks to be you! But really, cheer up – Happy Boy at Spring Hill and if that doesn’t get you excited, Kwan Brothers should be your next stop!


Mecca Bah is an old favourite of Brisbanites seeking out some tasty moroccan cuisine…but there’s a newish (and pretty damn cool) kid on the blog too. Gerard’s Bistro has amassed a legion of fans with its spectacular dishes and unusual flavours. We LOVE the 70s Moroccan inspired decor as well…it’s glamorous, bold and the food is so, soon delicious! It’s also a little bit inspired by the Middle East so it also ticks two boxes in the Brisbane International.

Middle Eastern

Do we even have to say it? Aside from Gerard’s – Shouk at Paddington is our go-to for middle-eastern food. They do utterly scrumptious Latke Stacks and Shakshuka (better than ones I ate in Israel!) alongside Aussie favourites like Avo on Toast – what more could you want. Oh…you want somewhere good for groups because you did a group tour through Turkey? Caravanserai it is!


We finally finish our trek around Brisbane’s restaurant scene at Quan Thanh. Cheap, cheerful and authentic, Quan Thanh has been popular amongst locals for years. The King Prawn clay pots and soft shell crab are guaranteed to stir memories of your South East Asian adventures and bring you much happiness!

Red Hook on UrbanspoonPapa Jack's on UrbanspoonMighty Mighty on UrbanspoonTippler's Tap on UrbanspoonBourbon Street on UrbanspoonBread & Meat Co on UrbanspoonGuzman y Gomez on UrbanspoonBeach Burrito Company on UrbanspoonLa Quinta Mexican Cafe y Bar on UrbanspoonMy Thai Restaurant on UrbanspoonCafé de Siam on UrbanspoonIzakaya WAGAYA Brisbane on UrbanspoonHappy Boy on UrbanspoonKwan Brothers on UrbanspoonShouk Cafe on UrbanspoonMecca Bah on Urbanspoon
Gerard's Bistro on UrbanspoonCaravanserai on UrbanspoonQuan Thanh on Urbanspoon


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