Dinner at Indimex

Starters at Indimex

If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram you may have noticed that on Tuesday night we had dinner at Stone’s Corner’s popular IndiMex Cafe, Bar and Restaurant. We were kindly invited by Indimex’s chef GJ Singh to try his Mexican-Indian fusion food and the opportunity to taste test something so truly original was too good to pass up so we grabbed our plus ones and booked a table. None of us had any idea what to expect but overall we were pleasantly surprised.

On arrival we were treated to a shot each of virgin pina-colada – what a delicious start to the night! We then shared two entrees (both of which came out very quickly): The Three Amigos trio of dips ($12.95) and the chef’s special of Madras Garlic Chilli Prawns ($18.95). The prawns were super delicious and we all agreed that the indian flavours worked really well with the seafood, however at $19 for six prawns, we felt they were just a teeny bit overpriced. The dips were tasty and the salsa and guacamole were nice and fresh – but nothing really outstanding.

For our mains, we couldn’t help but indulge ourselves and we ordered four dishes – three Indian dishes and only one fusion (Kirst was feeling daring). Our English boys ordered a curry each – the beef Rogan Josh ($16.95) and the beef Jalfareji ($16.95). They pronounced these the best curries they’d had in their combined 6 years of living in Australia; rich, spiced, authentic and with lots of meat and sauce. To anyone who knows these particular Englishmen, this is a HUGE compliment to the chef considering how fussy they are about their curry! We also ordered rice on the side for the curries and there was plenty to go around (extra for rice).

Delicious curries at Indimex

B ordered the lamb dum biriyani ($19.95) which was very flavoursome without being overly spicy. The lamb also had a lovely sweetness and most importantly, she was able to take the remains of her rather large dinner home with her to enjoy the next day.

Kirst decided to go the whole hog and ordered the Indimex Burrito ($18.95) with beef. When her dish arrived at the table she nearly had a heart attack at the very, very generous serving size. Her meal consisted of a huge and super tasty burrito with guacamole, sour cream, cheese, rice and dahl. Inside the Indimex Burrito, large, tender chunks of indian-spiced meat replaced what would normally be pulled or shredded meat and this was definitely well received. The indian flavours of the meat worked very well with the traditional Mexican spices and Kirst really enjoyed her meal – at least what she could fit in (she had a fair bit of help from Tom who also loved the flavour fusion).

Indian burrito at Indimex

In addition to our mains we also ordered a plain naan ($3.50) which was light and fluffy and by far superior to the naan bread that you normally get from your local indian takeaway. We also ordered a peshawari naan ($4.50) which was stuffed with raisins and dried fruit and proved to be a sweet and complimentary side to the curries – we’d highly recommend you try it for something different.

Overall, we really didn’t need to order as much food we did as Indimex has very generous portion sizes. If you go with friends or as a couple we’d probably advise that you only order a main each, or you could skip on the entrees…but where’s the fun in that?!  We were much too full to order dessert but after all agreeing that we’d really enjoyed our dinner and would be happy to revisit Indimex, We’d say that it’s highly likely we will try the Gulab Jamun, Malai Kulfi (Indian ice-cream) or the epic looking brownie at some point in the future.

Indimex is a great option for couples, friends and/or families looking for casual, tasty, and reasonably priced dining. We can safely say that we are all looking forward to visiting again and also trying out the fusion dishes on their breakfast menu!  Whilst we probably wouldn’t go out of our way to travel to Stones Corner specifically for Indimex if someone suggested it, if we lived locally, we would certainly be regular patrons.

Review disclaimer: We were invited by IndiMex to come and enjoy a free meal to sample and review this intriguing fusion cuisine.

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