Mondo Organics’ delicious new Autumn Menu

This past Saturday we were pretty busy. With a huge day of bridesmaid dress shopping, a floral workshop (more on that later in the week) and a birthday picnic ahead of us we started that day at Mondo Organics with a big, delicious breakfast for 5.

Mmmmmmm Mmmmmm.

Now before we get into the nitty gritty of all the delicious things we ate, we just wanted to acknowledge that it’s not always easy finding a great cafe in Brisbane that will let you reserve a large table at very short notice for their busiest time of the week, but Mondo were super accommodating and slotted us in with ease. Thanks guys!

In addition to caring about their customers, Mondo is dedicated to using the best and freshest produce from locally sourced, sustainable suppliers. They change their menu seasonally and their new autumn menu is full of amazingly scrumptious meals.

For breakfast on Saturday I ordered the omelette with saganaki, mushrooms, chorizo, chives, with gluten free toast instead of sourdough ($20, g/f bread extra). It was delicious and super filling – I managed to eat almost 70% of it before I was too full to fit anymore in. The chorizo and saganaki in the omelette made for a very rich meal and although this is not normally to my taste I really enjoyed the whole dish. Next time I would probably ask for a little less saganaki and perhaps some extra mushrooms but that’s really just me wanting more of the things I loved!

Omelette with mushrooms and chorizo at Mondo Organics

B and our friend Claire both ordered the breakfast burrito with beans, corn, brown rice, yoghurt, avocado salsa, tomato, coriander ($20) with crispy pork belly ($6 extra). This dish was huge and looked absolutely amazing when it was bought to the table. That pork belly gave me some serious food envy and the girls said it was superbly cooked. Both of them loved the fresh mexican flavours and the rice and the proof was really in B’s empty plate…

Breakfast burrito at Mondo organics

Our friend Meiks ordered the wood-smoked free range bacon, poached eggs and slow-roasted mushrooms with toast ($20) and declared it delicious!

Poached eggs and macon at Mondo Organics

Our lovely friend Gabi from Braking for Breakfast visits Mondo pretty regularly (you can read her review here) and on this occasion she ordered the chia pudding with brown rice flake bircher, grilled stone fruit and Barambah yoghurt ($14). This was a gorgeous looking dish served with the additions of fresh figs, sliced apple and raspberries – yum! Gabi described the bircher as nutty and just slightly sweet – a perfect match with the creamy chia pudding. I definitely plan on returning to Mondo to try this one before the winter menu kicks in.

Chia pudding with fresh fruit at Mondo Organics

To cap off our meal, the staff at Mondo gave us some of their sourdough cacao doughnuts with chestnut labneh, beurre bosc pears and pepita crumble ($16) to share amongst ourselves – one of the many perks of food blogging (and a reward for taking huge cameras to photograph your meals in public).  This wasn’t an invited meal – we chose Mondo and paid for our meal – but who can say no to doughnuts!

Despite feeling completely stuffed, none of us could resist the call of breakfast doughnuts. So we got stuck into them and they were a surprise to us all. These were the perfect sweetish treat. I say sweetish because without the pear this dish was almost savoury. Texturally it was lovely: creamy labneh combined with the delicately cooked pear, the chewiness of the doughnuts and the crunchy pepita crumble which in itself was an interesting addition. For five overly-full individuals there was not a single crumb left. It was a crowd pleaser. I probably wouldn’t order this dish if you are looking for a sugar hit to start your day, but if you like something a little different then this is it!

Sourdough doughnuts at Mondo Organics
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