My five favourite food blogs

We both love good food here at S&G – you may have noticed? But aside from whole-hearted enjoyment and appreciation, we have very different preferences and attitudes to our food. Kirst is a health-conscious cook and eater, who enjoys creating amazing, good-for-you meals and trying out new health foods. She makes super-healthy, super-tasty food.

I, on the other hand, adore delicious salads and eating healthily…but I also enjoy huge steaming bowls of pasta with red wine, steak cooked in butter, duck-fat roasted potatoes and culinary indulgence.

So below are five of my favourite food blogs. I buy and use recipe books as well – I have Stephanie Alexander, Julia Childs, The Little Paris Kitchen and a huge folder of found and gifted recipes on my shelves, among others. But I get newsletters and inspiration from these great at-home online chefs.

Julia Child eating quote

Smitten Kitchen

The first food blog I loved and still my favourite. I have saved almost every recipe that has been sent to me over the years.  I make a lot of Smitten Kitchen recipes and they have an amazing success rate, even with my bastardisations.

Broccoli slaw on Smitten Kitchen

A family favourite: broccoli slaw. Image courtesy of Smitten Kitchen.

Love Swah

Not just a food blog, but this lady loves her desserts. I’ve made a few of her recipes and they have all worked out scrumptious. Also a good blog to check out for Sydney-siders.

Love Swah blog

Food, design and all good things blog. Image courtesy of Love Swah.

Dericious Food

Recently started but this girl can cook! Her recipes are delicious and she’s Brisbane based, so no worrying about whether ingredients are in season or if I can find that strange-sounding spice. Seriously, check out this crispy roast duck recipe.

Image courtesy of Dericious Food Blog.

Image courtesy of Dericious Food Blog.

Dinner: a Love Story

The long recipe index is harder to navigate than Smitten Kitchen but the recipes are manageable and their family-focus is actually really great for affordable Wednesday night cooking.


Phoodie does a lot of incredible looking desserts and sweets, but she creates easy-to-do but tasty and impressive savouries too. Plus her newsletters are fun.

Phoodie food blog logo

Image courtesy of


Other places I look for recipes are Jamie Oliver, Cup of Jo (not just a food blog, but such good simple recipes!) and for your every-day dinner, or BBC Good Foods. Don’t mock, they’re pretty good.


What are your favourite cooking blogs?


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