Odd things that Queenslanders love

When you’re in a mixed-country couple, you are bound to have cultural differences, some significant, some minor. Being with English boys, we don’t come across too many big, startling cultural differences but dozens of little, every-day ones that can flummox you just as much.

References to pop culture can be rife with misunderstanding and exclamations of “What do you mean you’ve never watched/heard of  this show/person/expression?” or puzzlement when your partner performs a task that is natural to them but you just stare at them and think “What on earth are you doing?”

Inevitably, you become used to all of this and start to adopt the other person’s cultural idiosyncrasies. I am seeing it in my relationship and in my Husband who is becoming more ‘Queenslander’ with every passing month. He hasn’t taken to wearing maroon just yet, but there are a few things I notice him doing that make me feel ‘that is so Queenslander of you’. So I got thinking, what are the strange things that Queenslanders love?

Avocado on toast

We are a tropical climate and we love our tropical fruits. Avocado has reached the point of state-obsession. Avocado on toast with some combination of salt/lemon/cheese can be found on every cafe in Brisbane, probably the whole of Queensland.

Our summer afternoon thunderstorms

They can be dangerous and destructive and turn us all into terrible drivers, but we love our regular-as-clockwork storms on summer afternoons. They usually turn up around 3pm, don’t last for long but are big and loud to make up for it.


Or Bureau of Meteorology.  We love checking it, particularly the rain-radar as a storm rolls in. ‘There’s nothing on BOM’ means no storm is approaching. ‘Check out BOM’ called through the office generally precedes an email from Management warning all staff to get home safe because there’s a massive storm front on the horizon.

Jacaranda season

Jacarandas are not native to Australia but they’ve been around for so long and we love them so much they might as well be. Every spring Queensland – Brisbane in particular – becomes a wash with colour as these deciduous trees become clouds of delicate lilac flowers.  We then stop and photograph them to excess every single year because they are so pretty.

Jacarandas in New Farm Park

State of Origin

This is an annual rugby series played out between Queensland and New South Wales. Neither of us on this blog care about rugby, but a lot of our state gets really, really passionate about this competition and no one outside our two states understands why.

Our beaches

This isn’t strange per say. We have among the best beaches in the world. What is so Queensland about it is that we’re totally au fait about them. They’re just there, being fabulous. We don’t need to visit them all the time like tourists – we wouldn’t be so crass. We just happen to live in the State with the brightest sunshine and best beaches in the world. Whatever. Oh, and among the worst incidence of skin cancer and most deadly oceans too but pfft, we’re working on the first and can’t do anything about the second so we’re cool with all that too.

A perfect day on Noosa Beach

What other things that ‘Queenslanders’ tend to love?


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