Which are you – aisle or window?

Just as the world is divided into folders and scrunchers, biters and suckers, so we can also divide ourselves into ‘aisle’ or ‘window’. Whichever you prefer, chances are you’re pretty determined on what you like.

Strangely enough, it isn’t a question of seasoned vs. first-time travellers. I imagine first-time travellers want the window seat more than people who are on planes every month, but each option has its benefits and drawbacks that make you fall into one or other category.

View from a window seat

View from a window seat

And let’s be honest: there are only two seat preferences on a plane. No one chooses the middle seat. Middle seats are for people who lost the allocation lucky dip; they are for the sacrificing half of a couple who gave up the window or aisle to a loved one or for the small child seated between their parents in order to prevent them from running amok all over the plane (thank you to those parents).

I am a long-term fan of the aisle seat. It is a preference passed down to me from my parents and I stick by it. The advantages are numerous. You can get up and stretch your legs anytime you want and are never trapped by large or asleep strangers. You can peer up the aisles to see what’s going on or catch a peak at someone else’s meal to see what looks edible. Historically, it was also the place to get the best view of the one television up the front showing the in-flight entertainment. That shows how long I’ve been flying for.

Lately though, I am coming to appreciate the benefits of the window seat. On long-haul flights the benefits seem greater, I admit. Being able to lean your pillow against the window and those few extra precious inches can be wonderful. The view of course, becomes a real selling point, particularly when flying over central Asia.

Kirst is a window seater from way back – mainly because of the view. As a child she flew over the North Pole and after seeing it from the sky there was no going back. She loves the feeling of extra space and the teeny bit more privacy it offers, plus – no banged elbows or people constantly brushing past.

Interestingly, my Husband has recently informed me that he is converting from a window to aisle preferences, persuaded by my arguments in favour of the latter. This should make picking seats for our next overseas holiday interesting.

Where do you sit? Aisle or Window?


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