S&G quick travel guide to: Cambodia

My new husband and I spent our honeymoon in Cambodia. I want to say that this off-kilter honeymoon choice was intentional, but in fact we’d booked our trip to Cambodia before we decided to get married, so it was entirely by accident that we found ourselves at the Air Asia check-in counter sneakily asking for […]

Honeymoon in Cambodia: Siem Reap

Little more than a village at the beginning of the 20th Century, Siem Reap is the second largest city in Cambodia and exists solely for the tourists visiting Angkor. Despite being essentially a tourist town, Siem Reap could be much less charming than it is, for it has a very fine balance of Colonial heritage, […]

Honeymoon in Cambodia: Kompong Cham

Kompong Cham was formally the third city in Cambodia, a travel hub in the centre of the country on the banks of the Mekong. With the increase in the tourist trade, it has been rather overtaken by Siem Reap at the Temples of Angkor and Sihanoukville on the coast. Kompong Cham in contrast has relatively […]

Honeymoon in Cambodia: in the back of beyond

Most tourists to Cambodia stick to Phomn Penh and Siem Reap. Many don’t even make it to Phnom Penh, preferring to see the Temples of Angkor and then leave. We wanted to experience a bit more of the ‘real’ Cambodia out of the well-trodden tourist paths. Leaving Sen Monorom, our plan was to travel to […]

Honeymoon in Cambodia: Elephant Valley Project

In the north-eastern hills of Cambodia sits the small town of Sen Monorom. Just outside Sen Monorom is the Elephant Valley Project, a non-government organisation dedicated to improving the lives of working elephants in the Mondulkiri Province of Cambodia, and working with the local people whose livelihoods depend on the elephants. We decided very early […]

Honeymoon in Cambodia: S-21 Prison and Killing Fields

A brief and bastardised history Cambodia still bears the scars of the civil war and subsequent ‘revolution’ at the hands of Khmer Rouge in the 1970s and early 1980s. Like much of South-East Asia, Cambodia has been invaded time and again by foreign powers eager for land and resources. For much of mid-twentieth century, Cambodia […]

Honeymoon in Cambodia: Phnom Penh

Cambodia might not be everyone’s first choice for honeymoon destination. To be honest, it probably wouldn’t have been mine, if our wedding had taken place in completely different circumstances. My new husband and I had booked our flights to Cambodia before we decided to get married. Then when we did decide to hitch ourselves together, […]

The Weekly G&T

Happy Friday one and all! There is a big weekend of having fun ahead of us, so time to chill out, let go of the crazy week and enjoy a G&T. Kirst has been travelling though Israel – have you checked out her glorious photos on Instagram? On this weekend – Finders Keepers Markets, Sunnybank Food […]