How to organise a wedding in 6 weeks

My now-husband and I had a modern ‘whirlwind’ romance. We met, moved in together, and fell in love in three months. We’d been together 7 months when he proposed and we got married less than 9 months after our first date.

Some people are shocked when I tell them the story, others nod sagely and say ‘when you know, you know’. I think they are the ones who also ‘knew’ early on, but perhaps took a little longer over things than we did.

Anyway, when we decided to get married we also decided to do it immediately. We told our family in the last week of July, we announced our engagement to the world on 1 August and we got married on 14 September. People could not believe that we organised a wedding in 6-7 weeks, but with help and the right attitudes it came together a lot more easily and smoothly than you might think.

Here are my tips for how to organise a wedding in 6 weeks:

1. Let go of the ‘picture perfect’ wedding in your mind

This is important. If you have in your mind a plan for what you want your wedding to be like and it includes perfect and immaculate detail down to colour matching flowers to neck ties and cake decorations, handmade cake topper and getting married in a particular month because that’s when the flowers you want are in bloom, you probably can’t get married with only 6-8 weeks to prepare.

All of those details take a lot of planning and time to accomplish. It may indeed be possible to do all of those in a few weeks, if you enlist an army of helpers and run yourself ragged. But is that want you really want to do in the weeks before you get married?

If you want to organise a wedding in a short time, let go of all of those ‘perfect’ details. Let go of the custom-made gown (that might be a hard one to give up), step away from Pinterest and bridal magazines and just go with the flow. It will all come together in the end and it will still be the happiest day of your life, even without personalised bomboniere.

2. Outsource

This is a big one. I outsourced a lot of important jobs to friends and family. I asked my dearest girlfriends, all of whom have good taste and personal style, to do the flowers and other decorations. Another friend made the play-list and was the ‘DJ’. I asked Kirst, who does her own make-up flawlessly every day, to do mine for the big day.

Outsource small but important and time-consuming jobs and watch your worries be dealt with by other people. You will also potentially save a lot of money, depending on what you ask people to do.  Though you should have everyone over for dinner to say thank you.

And I promise you, your friends will Love doing these things for you! It means they are really involved in your wedding, not just guests. They are contributing to the happiness and success of your big day and it makes the day even more thoughtful and loving.

Flowers by the Brisbane Flower Markets and a dear friend, make-up by Kirst, dress from a vintage shop. Happiness, all my own.

Flowers bought at the Brisbane Flower Markets and made into a bouquet by a dear friend, make-up by Kirst, dress from a vintage shop. Happiness, all my own.

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Weekly G&T

Good morning! After a hectic and very fun and social last week, we’ve replaced social busy-ness with work busy-ness. But now it’s Friday and time to update on all the amazing festivals coming up in Brisbane, in our weekly GnT.

S&G Guide to: our favourite DIY websites

When you have a day job that involves staring at a computer for 8 hours, then you go home and actively choose to stare at a computer for another hour (blog time), it is almost a joy to turn away from a screen and get busy with your hands.

Both Kirst and I wish we had more time to get creative and play and make. It’s fun, it’s nice to do something a little different and of course, it is so very satisfying to spend a couple of hours making something and being delighted at the result.

We recently posted a list of some of the best DIY workshops in our home town, Brisbane, but here is a list of our favourite DIY websites. Some have big projects, some you can buy kits to make at home, all are great for inspiring ideas that will make you want to run to your local craft shop and spend Sunday afternoon pinning and stitching.

a pair & a spare

Our favourite DIY site, not only do we love Geneva’s style, we’re also a little jealous of her Hong Kong lifestyle. Started for fun and fresh fashion DIY, the site also has some great travel guides for top Asian locations and an excellent guide to wardrobe rehab.


Handimania has an outstanding range of DIY for knitting, sewing, crafting, cooking, you name it. This includes some easy to follow instructional videos to make those tricky DIYs a little easier to follow. I’ve made their arm-knit infinity scarf and I love it!

A Beautiful Mess

The go-to site for anything and everything home DIY with a good deal of fashion DIY thrown in. If you love getting crafty or are looking for some inspiration and how to make your own amazing home decor, this is the blog to follow.

Frankie Magazine

Not only is Frankie a great read, they have an equally great website full of nifty DIY craft projects, design, travel, fashion, everything.  I have a list of saved DIY projects from this site I swear I am going to try sometime.

Urban Crafter

A little different, this is not a how-to website, rather Urban Crafter sell DIY kits for home. A perfect way to get you started or as a gift for a friend. You can also buy the kits in-store from Riot Art and Craft.

Paper & Stitch

Statrted in 2008 as a personal catalogue for inspiration, now a full-time job for founder Brittni Mehlhoff. She talks DIY, fashion, home decor and random interesting and prettiness. You can follow her on all social media.


A massive site, updated 6-8 times a day and followed by thousands of people every day. This site looks at everything home / lifestyle design so it’s much broader than DIY, but the DIY section has a lot of great sophisticated projects you can check out.



Brisbane’s best crafty DIY workshops

It seems that most women I know love getting crafty from time to time. After years of not picking up a brush, getting our hands dirty or ‘making’ anything except cocktails, we seem to be loving getting in touch with our creative side. Personally I always wish to be more creative and make things rather than buying them.

Below is a list of *some* of Brisbane’s best DIY craft workshops and a few more serious skill-development workshops. We hope you feel inspired to sign up for a course or two and re-kindle your creativity!


The Ministry of Handmade

The Ministry of Handmade does workshops in all the sorts of beautiful things you see on Pinterest and interior deign blogs. You can sign up to make lampshades, candle chandeliers or an ottoman. There are so many great options, it will be hard to choose. We have plans to sign up for a few classes as soon as we can decide on a fabric!

Workshops every weekend, varied costs between around $40 and $200, most parts included except for the fabric.

Image courtesy of the Ministry of Handmade.

Image courtesy of the Ministry of Handmade website.

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DIY – Flower Cake Topper


I recently made a surprise Birthday cake for my good friend Claire’s 30th and I will say I’m so happy with the final result I thought I’d share it with you.

Claire absolutely loves fresh flowers and as it was her 30th I wanted to challenge myself and make something special so I decided on a gluten-free red velvet layer cake with pink ombre cream cheese icing and a DIY flower cake topper…a real mouthful if you will!

Making the layer cake was fine – it was the fresh flower decorations I was worried about – so I sought the advice from the lovely Francesca at Francesca’s Flowers. She helped me to pick some blooms and explained to me the process of creating a cake topper – so I’ll now try to share it with you!

How to make a Floral Cake Topper without being a florist

What you’ll need:

  • Flowers and some green ‘sprigs’ to ‘fill in the spaces’
  • Cake topper sponge
  • Water
  • Scissors or sécateurs to cut your flowers with

Step 1: So let’s pretend you’ve got your flowers sorted – I went with a pink and purple theme incorporating different pink roses, some lilac roses and some darker purple blooms. The First step is to soak your sponge in water so your flowers last longer once they are placed. Continue reading

PInspiring party ideas

As February draws nearer there is much excitement brewing here at Sunshine and Gin. Why you may ask? Because this February brings with it a milestone – our 30th Birthday! B and I were born 4 days apart, have been friends since we were 14 and since we were 19 we’ve celebrated our Birthday’s with many a joint party. with another one of our February-birthday-baby friends.

I’m fairly certain that 30 is going to be the the biggest and best yet!

We’ve made decorations (we’ll I’ve made decorations), we’ve planned the food (that’s B’s domain) and we’ve started picking our outfits (I can’t decide!). Of course we’ll be sharing a bit more about the party on the blog but here is a few pictures of what has inspired us and what you might be able to expect from the forthcoming event.

Keep an eye out in early Feb for photo of the actual event – now let the countdown begin!!