Merriweather Cafe and a drive to Mt Nebo

Is there anything better than a lazy Sunday? Sleeping in, going for a delicious late breakfast and having a super relaxed day…just thinking about it makes me feel calm and happy.

A couple of weekends ago, I had a particularly chilled out Sunday. Tom and I ventured to South Brisbane with a friend of ours to start our day with a late breakfast at Merriweather cafe.

We’d been to Merriweather before for a light snack and coffee but hadn’t ever sat down to breakfast there so it was well overdue.

Merriweather has built a solid a reputation on using locally sourced, sustainable and organic ingredients to create unusual and delicious food so we expectations were high.

One arrival, the place was busy so we waited outside for about 15 minutes until a table became available. Once seated service was swift and we ordered our coffees, shortly followed by our meals. I  ordered the Local Mushrooms with flatbread, goat’s cheese, duke and poached eggs and a banana smoothie. Tom ordered the smoked mackerel and eggplant special and our friend Meiks went with the Yoghurt and Rye Pancake with whipped vanilla ricotta and raspberries (substituted for poached pears). Quite an array of food!

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My five favourite food blogs

We both love good food here at S&G – you may have noticed? But aside from whole-hearted enjoyment and appreciation, we have very different preferences and attitudes to our food. Kirst is a health-conscious cook and eater, who enjoys creating amazing, good-for-you meals and trying out new health foods. She makes super-healthy, super-tasty food.

I, on the other hand, adore delicious salads and eating healthily…but I also enjoy huge steaming bowls of pasta with red wine, steak cooked in butter, duck-fat roasted potatoes and culinary indulgence.

So below are five of my favourite food blogs. I buy and use recipe books as well – I have Stephanie Alexander, Julia Childs, The Little Paris Kitchen and a huge folder of found and gifted recipes on my shelves, among others. But I get newsletters and inspiration from these great at-home online chefs.

Julia Child eating quote

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Mondo Organics’ delicious new Autumn Menu

This past Saturday we were pretty busy. With a huge day of bridesmaid dress shopping, a floral workshop (more on that later in the week) and a birthday picnic ahead of us we started that day at Mondo Organics with a big, delicious breakfast for 5.

Mmmmmmm Mmmmmm.

Now before we get into the nitty gritty of all the delicious things we ate, we just wanted to acknowledge that it’s not always easy finding a great cafe in Brisbane that will let you reserve a large table at very short notice for their busiest time of the week, but Mondo were super accommodating and slotted us in with ease. Thanks guys!

In addition to caring about their customers, Mondo is dedicated to using the best and freshest produce from locally sourced, sustainable suppliers. They change their menu seasonally and their new autumn menu is full of amazingly scrumptious meals.

For breakfast on Saturday I ordered the omelette with saganaki, mushrooms, chorizo, chives, with gluten free toast instead of sourdough ($20, g/f bread extra). It was delicious and super filling – I managed to eat almost 70% of it before I was too full to fit anymore in. The chorizo and saganaki in the omelette made for a very rich meal and although this is not normally to my taste I really enjoyed the whole dish. Next time I would probably ask for a little less saganaki and perhaps some extra mushrooms but that’s really just me wanting more of the things I loved!

Omelette with mushrooms and chorizo at Mondo Organics

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Friday Nite Snackdown at Wandering Cooks

On the Friday 6 March, Friday Nite Snackdown took over Wandering Cooks in South Brisbane.

Friday Nite Snackdown is a fight-to-the-tastiest between the street food of two different countries. The winner goes on to compete in the next week’s battle. On this inaugural battle week the fight was Japanese vs Danish – and intriguing fight as Danish food, or Scandinavian cuisine in general, is rather underrepresented in Brisbane. I couldn’t resist.

Menu at Friday Night Snackdown

We arrived soon after 5pm, eager for a drink and many tastes of food. People were already sitting along the long benches enjoying a drink and a bite, and by the time we left after 6, all the seats were full.

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How to make Zwetschgenkuchen

Germany makes exceptional cakes. Seriously, they may be famous for their beer but I pronounce their cakes, tarts, slices and so on to be even better. I gorge myself on German cakes every time I visit.

Now, I don’t like to play favourites with pastry products but this particular one is a favourite. It isn’t over-the-top or outlandish. It doesn’t look particularly inspiring, but it is delicious. Zwetschgenkuchen is plum cake; ‘zwetschge’ = plum, ‘kuchen’ = cake. If you look online for recipes you will find dozens for all different styles and shapes of cake, from layered confections to this simple slice. Everyone has their Grandmother’s recipe, which is of course the best.

Well, this is my mother’s recipe. What I like about it is that it is a slice, not a cake. It is therefore perfect with afternoon coffee as that little treat to accompany your brew. I also like that it isn’t too sweet. It may not seem so but the plums have a strange sweet/tart flavour that is just perfect perched on top of this cakey-shortbready base.



It’s so easy to make – give it a try and thank my Mum.

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An Exceptional Dinner date at Gerard’s Bistro

Dinner at Gerard's Bistro

To all you foodies out there, you best prepare yourself to become green with envy because this post contains pictures of mouth-watering meals from my recent date night at Gerard’s Bistro.

My fiancé Tom and I recently dined at Gerard’s and it’s safe to say that is was pretty much one of the best dinner dates we’ve ever had. Of course it’s really no surprise – Gerard’s has built a strong reputation as one of Brisbane’s best restaurants and in January was awarded 2 Chef’s Hats by the Australian Good Food and Travel Guide. Let’s just say we were very much looking forward to this dinner – and we had some high expectations!

Head Chef Ben Williamson and his team produce unique, adventurous, and seriously delicious food inspired by the Middle East and this works perfectly with the gorgeous 1970’s-esque decor and exceptional service to create a great dining experience.

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