Why do we blog and how did we get started?

We both love to write and to share our experiences and passions with others – blogging is the optimum channel for allowing us to do both! Having both previously written personal blogs it was a natural progression for us to combine our ideas and drive into creating and building Sunshine and Gin.

We want Sunshine and Gin to offer engaging, honest and reliable content to people living not only in Brisbane, but all over Australia and the world.

What cameras do we use?

Kirst snaps away with her Nikon D3200 featuring an 18-55mm VR Kit – her first ever Digital SLR! At times she also uses her Canon IXUS 220 HS and her trusty iPhone 5.

B uses a Panasonic Lumix TZ70 and loves it!

How do we edit our photos?

We don’t do much editing on our pictures – but if we do, we use iPhoto or Picasa.

What do we do for a living?

Kirst is the Australian Marketing and Training Coordinator for an International AV brand. She has close to 6 years marketing experience and has worked for a number of non-profit organisations in Queensland. She has also worked for a globally recognised Travel Brand and harbours dreams of becoming a full-time travel writer.

B has worked in a variety of roles in fundraising and marketing for arts organisations in Brisbane. She loves working in the arts and hopes to spend her career in arts organisations in Australia and internationally.

All views expressed on this blog are our own and in no way associated with our previous or current employers.

Work with us

If you want to get in contact with us, email us at sunshineandgin(at)gmail.com.




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