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Long weekend time! Even though we had a lovely long weekend in Mooloolaba last weekend, we already need another rest. One of us is heading to Maleny, the other is chilling Brisbane-side but we both plan to relax and enjoy four days off.

NEWSFLASH: S&G will be going through a little upgrade and change of scenery over Easter. It might look a little messy for while but we’re really excited about it!



Reading Challenge 2015 – before Easter

I am off to Maleny for Easter, which will pretty much three days of eating and reading. So I’m doing a quick update on my reading challenge. We’re a third of the way through the year but I am Not a third of the way through the list!

A book set somewhere you’ve always want to visit – 44 Scotland Street by Alexander McCall Smith (Edinburgh)

This book is a little different. 44 Scotland Street started out as a serial in The Scotsman, similar to a lot of Dicken’s works.  It is therefore a novel of perfect one-chapter stories held together by the intriguing line up of characters who inhabit number 44 Scotland Street. Easy to read, digestible, with a real mix of characters and mishaps, this was my first Alexander McCall Smith novel and it won’t be my last.

Side note: I have wanted to visit Scotland for a very long time and finally in 2015 I am doing it! As part of a trip to Europe later this year I am spending four days in Edinburgh. Hurrah!

A book with more than 500 pags – A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson

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Our Top Ten Long Weekend Getaways from Brisbane

We’ve just gotten back from a lovely 3-day weekend and with the Easter long weekend almost here it’s got us thinking about where to next?

Brisbane is in such a good position for weekend getaways it’s not even funny. We’re super close to beaches, the bush, rainforest, reef, mountains and wine country. And on top of that we’re just a couple of hours flight from the hustle and bustle of some of Australia’s wonderful southern cities. If you’re overdue a much-needed break it’s time for you so get your butt into gear and book yourself a long weekend away. Be inspired by our list below!

These are our Top Ten favourite places for a long weekend getaway…

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The Weekly G&T

The weekend is starting early for us as we head up the coast to spend a few days in Mooloolaba with friends. This is what happened last time we went up and we’re hoping the champagne and crab will be as plentiful this time around!


Wedding 101- Wedding Fever

As I prepare for my wedding in October this year, I thought I’d bring you all along for the ride. This is the first of a few posts on my wed-ventures and planning – with the hope that it assists a few of you out there in engagement land or at least gives you a giggle. Enjoy!

Many women dream of their wedding day for years, conjuring up images of the perfect dress, flowers and cake in their minds.

I was never one of those girls. So when Tom proposed to me last June aside from feeling deliriously happy I also freaked out a bit.

What style of dress would suit me? Where would we have the wedding? What about Bridesmaids and Groomsmen? I had no idea where to start! Unsurprisingly, in my quest to find answers, I descended into a crazy wedding induced fever.

I devoured bridal magazines with fervor and spent hours pintrest-ing my life away. I meticulously compared  venue after venue and vendor after vendor.

I’m not going to lie, there were (and maybe there still are) spreadsheets involved.

For a while it was quite fun curling up on the couch and pouring over Polka Dot Bride and Style Me Pretty for inspiration. But ultimately, it became exhausting and led to a bit – ok a LOT – of overthinking.

Thankfully, I snapped out of it before my fiancé had to stage an intervention, but what I took away from those few weeks of craziness (aside from the fact that wedding videos are EMOSH) was that I wanted my wedding to be easy.

Spectacular, fun,  bursting with love and easy. Not too much to ask right?

I didn’t want to have to organise a million suppliers or feel stressed when thinking about the big day. I just wanted to feel excited and happy and relaxed.

But hooooooow do we do this? I mean we are organizing a WEDDING! We need a bunch of money, and ideas and white doves and a horse and carriage and…well actually, all jokes aside it can be quite easy. We are just under 7 months away and we’ve pretty much got our sh*t sorted. From our celebrant to our photographer to our DJ, it’s all done and now it’s just the fun stuff like cake tasting and dress fittings to enjoy…oh and that whole writing vowels thing but that will happen in time. Stay tuned for more Wedding 101 over the coming months (it will culminate with wedding photos I promise!) and in the meantime why not tell us about your wedding planning experience? Was it six-weeks of quick decisions like B’s or did you spend a lot of time and consideration on all the elements? Feel free to share – we’d love to hear for you!

Merriweather Cafe and a drive to Mt Nebo

Is there anything better than a lazy Sunday? Sleeping in, going for a delicious late breakfast and having a super relaxed day…just thinking about it makes me feel calm and happy.

A couple of weekends ago, I had a particularly chilled out Sunday. Tom and I ventured to South Brisbane with a friend of ours to start our day with a late breakfast at Merriweather cafe.

We’d been to Merriweather before for a light snack and coffee but hadn’t ever sat down to breakfast there so it was well overdue.

Merriweather has built a solid a reputation on using locally sourced, sustainable and organic ingredients to create unusual and delicious food so we expectations were high.

One arrival, the place was busy so we waited outside for about 15 minutes until a table became available. Once seated service was swift and we ordered our coffees, shortly followed by our meals. I  ordered the Local Mushrooms with flatbread, goat’s cheese, duke and poached eggs and a banana smoothie. Tom ordered the smoked mackerel and eggplant special and our friend Meiks went with the Yoghurt and Rye Pancake with whipped vanilla ricotta and raspberries (substituted for poached pears). Quite an array of food!

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National Meat Free Week

We aren’t vegetarian by any means (who can resist pulled pork) but when we heard that Meat Free Week was happening across Australia on March 23rd it got us thinking – Why not try going meat free for 7 days?

Meat Free week is designed to make us think about how the impact that eating meat has on our health, the environment and of course animals. It’s not an attempt to force vegetarian or veganism down your throat- quite literally – rather an exercise in awareness. AND it’s also a great excuse to try out some fresh new recipes and some of Brisbane’s best vegetarian meals!

Eating in

For some veg-spiration why not check out the following blogs and website:

  • Not Quite Nigella is one of our favourite food bloggers and she’s created an entire page of delicious vegetarian recipes for you to explore! Just look ta how amazing her Cauliflower and Spiced Lentil Salad looks!
  • Elsa’s Wholesome Life – this gorgeous blog is focused on creating delicious whole food plant-based recipes. I can personally vouch for Elsa’s raw slice recipes after making my own version a couple of months ago. Oh and her veggie burgers are next on my list to make – they look amazing!!
  • No doubt you’ve heard loads about eating Paleo since Pete Evans returned to our television screens and while the diet advocates eating a fair amount of lean protein, there are loads of great Paleo recipes for vegetarian food. A go to cookbook in our household is Eat Drink Paleo by Irini Macri – it has some great vegetarian recipes and you can find even more on her blog – like the delicious Baked Eggplant stuffed with tomato salsa – filling, hearty and super yum!
  • One of the original and best vegan bloggers is Angela from Oh She Glows. Her recipes are super delicious and there is literally something for every occasion and meal. Green smoothies, cakes, side dishes…look no further, Angela has the answer.
  • The Detoxinista has hands down the best recipe for cauliflower pizza on the web and if you consider peanut butter a food group you will love her many, many recipes including her Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Milkshake (seriously OMG YUM).

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