Websites for Wanderers

A few suggestions for travel-related websites. This one is also for us, so we have somewhere to go that lists all our favourite sites.

Suggestions welcome.

Getting around

skyscanner searches hundreds of airlines for those flying to and from your chosen destinations on you nominated days or months. Excellent for when you’re flexible on travel dates but don’t want to search and re-search for the best bargains.

Rome 2 Rio
A site many travellers swear by. You enter in your departure and destination points and it will give you a full list of how to get from one to the other by all modes of transport, which route is quickest and cheapest. It’s AMAZING for looking into possible routes for your travels.

A site for finding the best flight for your particular needs. For example, ‘flight from Brisbane to Auckland on a Friday after 2pm’.

Cheap flights from the UK to anywhere. How to find real budget airfares.

The man in seat 61
One man’s guide to train travel the world over. Search by country or journey, get times, costs and recommendations for trips.

Personally, I find the Deutsche Bahn website excellent for finding and booking train trips in Europe.

Route Perfect
This may not interest more seasoned travellers, but it’s fun none the less. Route Perfect creates an itinerary for your trip based on where you want to go and see, what your budget is and the length of your holiday.


Hostels are only for backpackers – such a myth. Hostelworld caters for people who want to spend a maximum of $4 a night on a room, up to people who want to stay in family-run guesthouses with private rooms with all the extras, airport transfers, breakfast and even ensuite bathrooms. It’s just a great site for accommodation.
An excellent, comprehensive hotel / apartment / room booking site with rapidly accelerating popularity.

Airbnb is a great place to find accommodation with character. People with spare apartments, spare floors or spare rooms rent out their spaces to travellers. Personal, small, and reliable. They now list properties in 192 countries.

Strange name, yes, but this German-based site has over 150,000 properties.
Choose from over 100 destinations, click on sights you want to see and this site will plan your itinerary for you. You may not stick to it but it’s a great guide if you don’t know too much about where you’re heading or for first time travellers.

Staydu matches people who are keen for genuine local experiences with home-stays and volunteer organisations in places all over the world. Good for budget travellers and people who are keen to give back when they travel.

Advice and where to go / what to do

Trip advisor

Check out Sunshine and Gin on TripAdvisor – ranked as a Top Contributor

A good guide, especially for hotels and restaurants in strange parts of the world and very helpful for checking up if sites are open or still operating. You need to take some of the reviews with a grain of salt as there has been problems with hotels posting their own reviews to push up their rankings. Look out for top-ranking members and check out what sort of travel they are interested in. If someone like to party and lists a hotel as ‘boring’ or ‘lacking in atmosphere’ it might be perfect for you!

Lonely Planet
Classic, but I find the website a little vague and generic. It is still good for all things travel and if you’re a Lonely Planet fan, it’s the biz. Also follow them on social media.

Wild About Travel
A beautiful website you can connect with over email and social media. Insights into places to go, where to eat and off-the-beaten track locations.

City Guides

in your pocket
A terrific guide for cities in Europe, but no where else in the world.

Time Out
Great for London and New York but they also do Europe, Beijing and Istanbul.

le cool
For the hip and cultured. A very select list of cities currently on offer.

Pick your city and country and get a list of all that’s on a good to do.

Spotted By Locals
Up to date tips on what is going on in a city, according to the locals. Apps available for download for many European cities and a few in North America.

Travellers’ blogs

A fellow Brisbane travel and lifestyle blog, be sure to check it out!

The Everywhereist
A woman who,when she was made redundant, decided to follow her husband on his endless work-travels and write about it. Delightfully humourous and no-nonsense.

World of Wanderlust
Brooke Seward is a full-time travellers and travel writer, Beware, this website will make you envious of her lifestyle.

Leave your daily hell

Time Travel Turtle
Australian journalist Michael Turtle gave up regular broadcasting and now travels the world writing stories on the people he meets and the experiences he has.

A Broard Abroad
A Broard Abroad is a girls’ guide to seeing the world. A well-run site with stories, recommendations and most importantly for women travelling alone – how to avoid trouble.

Matador Network
A collection of stories from travellers; features, photo galleries, tips and the genuinely obscure and occasionally useful.

Nomadic Matt
A guide to travelling on a budget from a guy who quit his real life to do so, and wrote a book called ‘How to travel the world on $50 a day’.

US! Sunshine and Gin

Have you checked out our ‘Travel’ posts?

For expats

If you’re an expat wanting to meet fellow expats or share your thoughts on living far from home, check out InterNations, a free expat community.

Expats Blogs
A place for expats living in ‘strange’ countries to register their blogs.


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